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Samuel Karlin

The Chicopee School Department Needs Substitute Paraprofessional (all levels) ⧫ Bus Monitors ⧫ Crossing Guards ⧫ Please apply at 180 Broadway or call Ken Parsons at 413-594-3516
  • Park in designated spots at drop-off
    Park in designated spots at drop-off
    Parents: If you walk your child into school, please park your vehicle in a designated spot. Do not leave your car in the drop-off line.
  • We need crossing guards!
    We need crossing guards!
    Chicopee Public Schools has immediate openings for crossing guards. Call 413-594-3516 if interested.
Mission Statement
Our mission at Belcher School is to provide educational opportunities for the students in order for them to be lifelong learners who can solve problems, use technology and have the social skills to be productive adults in our community.

To this end we believe that:
1. Belcher School regards instruction as one of the most important functions of education.
2. Belcher school will continue to provide equal educational opportunities.
3. Belcher School will be sensitive to and provide for the individual needs of its students.
4. Belcher School will continue to develop an appreciation of other cultures.
5. Belcher School will continue to have an environment that is conducive to learning.
6. Belcher School will continue to be dedicated to developing in each student the ability, wisdom, and character to fashion a worthy and useful life.

All children at Belcher School, with support from the parents, faculty, staff and community, will be provided with the best possible academic and social education in order for them to achieve their full potential as life long learners.